Combining aesthetic and artistic creativity

In order to offer the entire process, Artime Création, a new entity created in 2023, completes the offer. The aim of this company is to make available to its clients the proven skills of its founders in the complete design of Haute Horlogerie creations.



Artime Créations was founded by six specialists of the watchmaking world who have lived through the industry’s revolutions. Stéphane Maturel, Fabrice Deschanel, Emmanuel Jutier, Manuel Thomas, Didier Bretin and Claude Emmenegger bring to the table a unique combination of deep expertise and vast experience, having built sterling reputations as subcontractors as well as within major brands.



Regardless of the nature of the request, all the team’s resources are focused on identifying, understanding, analyzing, decoding and transforming it into a watchmaking creation that meets the client’s every expectation.



Our team of specialists with years of experience in the world of high-end watchmaking, able to generate and realize ideas that relevant and innovative, awaits your challenge.